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Abgegebene Stimmen:  243 .  90.12%  mögen das Spiel.
Abgegebene Stimmen: 243 . 90.12% mögen das Spiel.
Beschreibung Verkehrskontrolle:
You are going to have an intersection, made up of four roads coming into one. There are going to be cars coming from all directions, and you click on them to stop them. Not all of them, of course, just stop enough in order to avoid a crash. Once a crash is avoided, click again on the cars to allow them to continue their drive, and so forth. The more you go without a crash happening, the more points you get, so we hope you are going to get a really huge score by the end of the game. Have fun!

Spiel Anleitung:
Play Traffic Control with your mouse, tablet, iPad, iPhone or mobile phone


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