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Abgegebene Stimmen:  22 .  81.82%  mögen das Spiel.
Abgegebene Stimmen: 22 . 81.82% mögen das Spiel.
Beschreibung Kitten Bath:
Play this fun game named Kitten Bath and groom this adorable and fluffy pet so she can feel very loved and appreciated! Fill up her tub with warm water and add some colorful flowers in the water to make it more enjoyable. Some flavorful bath foam will also add to the experience and don't forget about her favorite rubber toys. Then you can wash the kitten with a special pet shampoo on her head and a soap on the rest of her body. Take her out of the tub and wipe her with a fluffy towel, then blow dry her hair. Change her dirty diaper into a new fresh one. Apply kitten oil all over her body to hydrate it and leave it nice and soft. Comb her hair and finish off with some kitten powder. Now you can dress the kitten into a really adorable outfit. Have a lot of fun!

Spiel Anleitung:
Play Kitten Bath with your mouse, tablet, iPad, iPhone or mobile phone


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