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Abgegebene Stimmen:  3245 .  84.1%  mögen das Spiel.
Abgegebene Stimmen: 3245 . 84.1% mögen das Spiel.
Beschreibung Happy Wheels:
Ride different wheeled devices and reach the exit. Eject from your ride to grab ropes and more.

Ready to race?

Do you know all the game Angry Birds? It is a well known game of total Jerkface and can be found here on Spelle.nl. It's a super funny race game where you drive around in all kinds of transport. You can choose how you start, in a wheelchair or scooter, or on a bike or segway. Have you ever previously won a race with these vehicles? On our site you will find this game for free! There is also happywheels 2 and 3! At the bottom of the page you can find a demo. This is a full video explaining how the game looks like and how it can be played. If you want to be the best you can get here's some tips from an experienced racer! So you get to see the best routes and the fastest ways to reach the finish!

Extreme races

It will be a fierce drive which you should look out for the high rocks, loops and ravines! You'll encounter all kinds of different landscapes, which will constitute a challenge to reach the finish line. If you want to cross the levels in one piece you need to choose the right tactics. We give you an advice: jump occasionally out of your vehicle to grip include ropes. These tools will help you on the right track! Dodge the wrecking balls and enemies that come your way. Find your way between all obstacles by, for example, by taking the cable car in one of the many levels that knows this game. Do you like racing games and you want to consider driving a different kind of competition? Drive up rotting on the different vehicles of Happy Wheels and reach the finish!

Spiel Anleitung:
Arrows = Move
Spacebar = Main action
Shift/ Ctrl = Other actions
Z = Eject


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